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The Industry’s Leading ONLINE Holistic Exercise Teacher Training Specialist

Director of Union Yoga UK and your tutor, Emma Newham, has been teaching holistic exercise to the public for almost three decades and running internationally accredited teacher training courses and  workshops since 2007.  She is trained in various styles of yoga including: Ashtanga; Hatha; Sivananda; Kundalini; Aerial; Sivananda; Vinyasa and Yin yoga, so you can be assured of expert knowledge in this field.

Emma brings a wealth of personal knowledge and industry experience to this comprehensive online course. This course will not only give you the practical skills required to teach group yoga sessions with confidence, but you will gain a broad perspective and understanding of the history and philosophy behind this ancient art.

Emma is an international presenter for MindBody fitness and has delivered face to face and online training to students all over the globe.  She is a qualified Assessor, as well as an Internal Quality Assurer (Internal Verifier), so she assesses the Assessors doing their assessing.  Her attention to detail is unparalleled.  Therefore, you can be assured of the highest quality training standard and education.

Pilates Union is the UK’s premier ONLINE holistic instructor training specialist, with over a decade of experience delivering online accredited courses to the wellness industry. Further yoga education courses and workshops are available, so you can continue your yoga journey with Emma, if you wish to continue learning.

The Union Yoga UK, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course has been granted accreditation by Yoga Alliance International. In addition, it is also approved by the awarding body, Active IQ, under their Professional Recognition Scheme.

Course Overview

The Union Yoga UK online comprehensive 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course covers a variety of techniques including: over 100 asanas, 20 pranayamas, 9 mantras, 21 mudras, 12 meditations, as well as anatomy and physiology. In addiiton, you will gain a broad understanding of the history and philosophy of yoga. Spread over 26 units, this course covers basic to intermediate yogic practices to cleanse the body and purify the consciousness. Containing over 200 videos, there are more than 30 hours of viewing time alone.

This practical course will give you a detailed, structured approach to the learning and teaching of Yoga and how to progress clients from the basic fundamental poses right through to the more advanced postures and sequencing them into a coherent, flowing session, that includes asanas, pranayama, mantra and meditation.

For a more detailed overview of the units, please see the FAQ’s at the footer of this page.

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Award Winning Instructor

Over the last decade, Emma has won various local and national industry awards for her exercise studio and fitness services. Industry experts recognise Emma's experience.

Industry Accredited Training

Emma's company, Pilates Union UK, has been offering globally accredited online instructor training courses in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada for over a decade.

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The content of this training has been professionally recognised and endorsed by the awarding body, Active IQ – a CIMSPA Endorsed Awarding Organisation. In addition, this particular online yoga teacher training course has gained international approval for continuing education credits and has been awarded CPD points from the following organisations:

Yoga Alliance

200 Hour Certification

National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP)

Formerly Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) - 30 CEC’s



Active IQ

This has been professionally recognised and endorsed by the awarding body, Active IQ

Course Structure

There are 26 units and you are allowed 270 days access to complete the course. You have instant access upon purchase and you are ready to start immediately. Just log in and go to unit one.

On each screen, you will find the video of the exercise and how to teach the technique. Underneath each video, you will find detailed text and explanation of the exercise being taught.

You will work at your own pace and when you have time, just login and go to the appropriate unit and work your way through the material.

Assessment Info

In order to achieve a pass in this course, 3 assessments must be successfully submitted

Assessment One – Yoga Multiple Choice Online Theory Quiz (80% pass)

Assessment Two – Progressive Programme. You must design three x one hour lesson plans, comprising of week one, week five and week ten, that are suitable to take a normal healthy adult from beginner level to an intermediate stage.

Assessment Three – Practical one hour exam. You must submit a video of you teaching yoga to a small group of healthy adults. This yoga session will be based upon your approved week 5 approved lesson plan routine that you will have designed during the course.

Student Support

Constant Contact

Got a query? No problem. Students can get in touch at any time. Contact us instantly via text, telephone call, Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger, email, Skype or social media.


To ensure quality of service and consistency, you will deal directly with Emma throughout your training journey. There are no other parties or channels to go through.


Just because your course finishes, it doesn't mean your journey ends. Emma provides guidance with setting up, advice on gaining employment and support on a range of topics

Flexible learning compatible across a wide range of devices

Learn anytime, any place, anywhere.  Emma’s courses are compatible across a range of devices.  Flexible learning means that you can work according to your schedule.  Upon purchase, you have immediate access to the online content, so you can begin learning straight away.  Each time you login, the system will return to the unit and step you last completed.  You can repeat units and steps as many times as you like.

Units may be completed in any order you choose or you can follow the suggested schedule.  Go at your own pace and work your way through the units in your time.  Each course has a specific duration, after which time your course will expire and you will no longer have access to the online content, so your learning must be completed before your course expires.  Course extensions are available for a small charge, so you can re-gain access to the material.

Further Course Information
  • The units are split as follows

    Unit One – Course introduction and welcome – 1 step, 1 video (3 minutes)

    Unit Two – Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)  1 step, 1 video (37 minutes)

    Unit Three – Standing Poses  5 steps, 4 videos (49 minutes)

    Unit Four  Standing Poses, Forwards bends  10 steps, 10 Videos (117 minutes)

    Unit Five  Standing Poses, Hip Openers  4 Steps, 3 Videos (49 minutes)

    Unit Six  Standing Poses, Balance Poses  11 Steps, 10 Videos (117 minutes)

    Unit Seven  Standing and Seated Spinal Twists  9 steps, 8 Videos (88 minutes)

    Unit Eight  Seated Pose  15 Steps, 15 videos (117 minutes

    Unit Nine  Seated Poses, Forwards Bends  11 Steps, 11 Videos (57 Minutes)

    Unit Ten  Inversions  7 steps, 7 Videos (72 minutes)

    Unit Eleven  Backbends 9 Steps, 8 videos (72 minutes)

    Unit Twelve  Seated Poses, Arm Balances  12 Steps, 11 Videos (66 minutes)

    Unit Thirteen  Seated Poses, Hip Openers  16 Steps, 16 Videos (146 minutes)

    Unit Fourteen  Restorative Yoga  10 Steps, 9 Videos (85 Minutes)

    Unit Fifteen  Yoga History and Philosophy, 15 Steps, No Videos

    Unit Sixteen  The Bhandas  5 Steps, 4 Videos (27 minutes)

    Unit Seventeen  Mudras  22 Steps, 21 Videos (34 minutes)

    Unit Eighteen  Prana and Vayus  7 Steps, No Videos

    Unit Nineteen  The Charkas  10 Steps, 9 Videos (147 minutes)

    Unit Twenty  Meditation  16 Steps, 12 Videos (185 minutes)

    Unit Twenty-One  Mantra  13 Steps, 10 Videos (68 Steps)

    Unit Twenty-Two  Pranayama Yoga Breathwork  25 Steps, 22 Videos (195 minutes)

    Unit Twenty-Three  Teaching Skills  2 Steps, No Videos

    Unit Twenty-Four  Anatomy Review  23 Steps, 17 Videos (54 minutes)

    Unit Twenty-Five Class Planning  5 Steps, No Videos

    Unit Twenty- Six  Final Quiz  1 Step, No Videos

  • Course Duration and Video Breakdown

    There are 209 videos on this course. If you watched one video per day, it would take over 200 days to complete the training. It is really dependent upon individual instructors and the time they have available to devote to learning. All learning must be completed before the 270 days are up.

    Total learning time = 200 hours

    Number of Online Units = 26

    Number of Online Steps = 241

    Number of Online Videos = 209

    Total Video Viewing Time = 1800 minutes (30 hours)

    Total Reading Time = 60 hours

    Total Hours of Interactive Calls = 2 Hours

    Exam Preparation and Assessment time = 25 hours

    Theory Assessment and Quiz time = 2 hours

    Total Asana Practice Time = 40 hours

    Teaching Time = 40 hours

    Total Time = 199 Hours

  • Course Aims

    For learners to develop a comprehensive understanding of the science of yoga. To broaden their awareness of the different technologies and yogic practices that lead to an increase in consciousness. To gain knowledge of the history and philosophy behind this ancient art. To be able to apply this knowledge in developing structured and progressive yoga sessions for a range of clients of differing needs and abilities. Learners will be able to identify the benefits of particular mantras, mudras and pranayama techniques and their suitability for specific health concerns.

    Course Outcomes

    Learners will be able to instruct basic to intermediate group yoga classes and private sessions to a variety of clients of different ages and capabilities. Learners will be able to identify asanas which may need to be modified for a particular client group and they will be able to provide hands on adjustment to adapt or progress postures where necessary. They will be able to teach a variety of differnt meditation and pranayama techniques and adapt them as required.

  • The course costs £960 GBP. A copy of the information contained in the Union Yoga UK manual is viewable online. Should you wish to receive a hard copy of the manual, this costs £21.99 and is available online via the store.

    The other cost is for your practical assessment. A fee of £45 is payable when submitting your practical exam video. This covers your assessors time to watch your video and give you feedback.

    There is no charge for your certificate from Union Yoga UK (issued by Pilates Union UK). Should you also wish to receive a certificate from Yoga Alliance International, which covers you to teach internationally, there is a fee of 100 for this certiificate (payable directly to Yoga Alliance International).

  • Candidate Suitability – Who is this course for?

    Yoga Enthusiasts – If you want to take your yoga practice to the next level or if you are looking to make a career change into teaching this wonderful method, then this course is for you.This will allow you to combine your passion for holistic exercise, with a job you will love to do.

    Health Professionals – If you are a physiotherapist or similar health professionals, then you may already teach some form of exercise on an informal basis. This course will elevate your existing knowledge and skills to the next level and formalise your certification in order to teach professional classes.

    Fitness Professionals – If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of the body and a different perspective on movement, then why not add to your existing portfolio of skills. By adding another string to your bow, you can increase your income potential and an additional revenue stream to your business.

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