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The Spine Twist with Emma Newham

March 2017


To strengthen the core and oblique abdominals, whilst maintaining a neutral spine with good posture and good use of scapula stability

Starting Position

Sit upright with legs straight and adducted together. The arms are outstretched out to the sides at shoulder height


Inhale - To prepare and lengthen the body tall
Exhale - Engage the core abdominals and twist the body to the right, maintaining a neutral spine
Inhale - To return to the start position and repeat to the opposite side.

Target Muscles

Core abdominals, obliques, scapula stabilisers, deltoids


• Ensure the spine stays long
• Avoid any hiking of the ears towards the shoulders and ensure that both shoulders are of equal level and height
• Ensure the legs and feet stay aligned to prevent the legs or feet rolling in or out or one foot to move forward in front of the other
• Try not to lean forwards or backwards when twisting
• Ensure the twist initiates from the “steering wheel” (i.e. ribcage) using the oblique abdominals and not from moving the arms or head
• Maintain equal pressure through both sit bones
• Maintain length in both sides of the waist
• The arms should form a straight line, which should be maintained throughout the twist. Do not allow one arm to lead and therefore lose the alignment

Contra Indictions

Variation One (Adaptation)
If hamstrings or lower back are tight, then a small cushion may be placed under the buttocks to make it easier or bend the knees as necessary.

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