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The Torpedo

April 2019


To work the abductors and adductors whilst maintaining length in the waist

Starting Position

Lie on left hand side of the body in a straight line with feet, knees and hips in alignment. The right hand is resting on the floor in front of the body.  The left arm is outstretched along the floor above the head in alignment with the spine.  The head rests on the left shoulder.


Inhale - To prepare

Exhale - Stretch the legs, elongating at the waist and raise both legs upwards

Inhale - To lengthen and raise the upper leg on its own a little higher

Exhale - Raise the underneath leg a little higher (as if trying to touch the top leg)

Inhale - To touch the top leg onto the bottom leg then return both legs back to the floor

Target Muscles

Abductors, Adductors, Obliques, Scapula Stabilisers


Ensure the shoulders stay away from the ear and the gap between ear and shoulder remains equal on both sides

Try to keep an equal length on both sides of the waist to avoid the tendency to shorten in the waist on the top side

Keep the collar bones open

Keep abdominals engaged throughout to ensure a neutral spine so that the back does not over arch or over flex

Ensure the pelvis does not roll forward or back

Contra Indictions

Variation One (Adaptation)

Inhale to prepare.  Exhale to raise the top leg only.  Inhale to then raise the bottom leg upwards.  Exhale to lower the top leg onto the bottom leg and then lower both legs to the floor together.

Variation Two (Progression)

This is the same as the normal version except that the hands are both outstretched above the head in alignment with the spine.  The palms are together.  This takes away the stability of having the top arm in front of the body, helping to prevent the pelvis from rolling back and forth.  The core abdominals have to work a lot harder to stop the body rolling.


Raising two straight legs from the floor may place extra stress on the spine (particularly on one side), causing discomfort, so may be unsuitable for certain back problems

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