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instructor of the month

Ilona Włodarczyk

December 2019



I am working at Diamond Pilates Studio in Warsaw. I am co-owner of this Studio and I have been running it for 15 years.


Your teaching tips


First of all you need to feel what is your work not struggle and fight. Do less and  more effectively. Find your optimal range of motion where you feel what you are doing and you control it.

That brings joy and connection with yourself. I always invite to explore the body more and to find out what else is possible and allow yourself for change. Going deeper, wiser and smarter


Favourite Exercise and reason why?


I like to work on all equipment in the Studio. There are phases when I concentrate a bit more on some exercises but then I change and do the other. I work on „uniform development „ using the whole pilates apparatus and I see what is needed for myself and my clients, studentsJ I adore all inverted exercises on trapeze and in fuzzies on Cadillac. There is my favourite one SQUIRREL. It brings me in other state of mind, greater focus and joy while performing it. I feel light and free. That exercises is wonderful connection of power and agility, which requires whole body integration and self trust.


tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience in the industry


I started my pilates education in 2002 in Cologne, Germany at the Springs Studio where I did Polestar Pilates program and got certificate. I opened Diamond Studio in Warsaw togeter with my sister Bożena in 2004. Always when I choose something that inspires me I want to learn more, get to the source of it. I wanted to learn more about pilates and practice it by learning from different  teachers. That time pilates was not known in Poland and at the beginnig we had only expats in the Studio. Very little polish clients. I had a feeling to share with people this wonderful method. At first I really wanted to know it by deep self practice and understanding. I deciced to do other pilates school Stott Pilates then I wanted more and I went to the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. There I was travelling for some years and I did Master’s Program. After completing my first Polestar Pilates school I went to take an exam at the Pilates Method Alliance in US and I am PMA- certified pilates teacher. From early beginning I wanted together with my sister to build pilates school in Poland. It required a lot of work and dedication. I had desire to really go deeper, get konwledge and experience. It was really intense and fabulous period of 7 years of studying. I wrote 10 pilates manuals for sudents in polish & english. Now I am continuing studing with different awarness and level of knowledge.

I like to develop myself and help to do that to all people who surround me and work with me, as soon as, they open for it. I like to share my knowledge and show that are greater possibilities, which one can choose for more exective, full and joyfull life!


Do you have a motto or mission statement?


Yes, I have it. It got to my heart  since couple years ago when I understand the deep desire why I am teaching pilates. I find teaching pilates as the best way to „love yourself“, honour and take care after your own body, calm the mind and elevate the spirit.

There is always time for change and improve your life. Be other person agile, with self trust, love and happy

My motto is:

Every day I hone my talents and move forward acting creatively

My mission is to inspire people and introduce, show them different ways of life with and in self love via Pilates : breath, self development and releasing your own potential and alway enhance it!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?


Now I am at the point of a great development of our Diamond Pilates Academy. I updated the whole teacher training program and revised all the manuals. I love travelling and  getting know new people. I want to teach more intensively our program in Poland and in other countries and do some work online, which I have already started.

I am working on the profund program for pilates teachers for further development.

I want to get to the places, where there is a need to teach pilates in its orginal form with modern modifications. I have such place but I leave it as my secret for now to DO it not to write about it only....laugh

Our Diamond Pilates motto is:

Speach is Silver

Silence is Gold


Diamond is acting



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