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instructor of the month

Lindsey Jackson

July 2020


Near Leeds in villages round Wetherby. 

Your teaching tips

It’s not the quantity... or the difficulty of a move that creates the results. It’s about finding the ‘edges’, the boundaries... learning to expand from where you are at. Trust your intuition. Move slowly and with focus. And allow yourself the luxury of feeling how you are moving. 


Self awareness is is the beginning of a change that can only be positive for each person in class. In a world that is fast paced and technology based.... Pilates gives us time to slow down and connect with ourselves and others. 

Favourite Exercise and reason why?

Shoulder bridge gives such great results for people and is so easily accessible. Simple... but solid. Wouldn’t miss it out for the world! 

tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience in the industry

I have an Nhs background. Fitness industry teaching for over 30 years... Pilates for 20. Sports massage trained, yoga trained, nlp master practitioner, stretch therapy trained and own my own health and nutrition business.


From a passion to help (and a lack of resources in the public domain) I created the worlds first Pilates in Pregnancy Dvd, followed by Pilates for Mums (both Physio endorsed), Pilates for Men... and Pilates Essentials. I’m a mum of 2 teenage boys. And my hubby is global FIT ambassador for Forever Living Products. www.cleanfitforever.com. We have helped numerous people develop their own health business alongside their fitness/ Pilates careers as a flexible extra income stream that compliments nicely our aim to help others be well. Plus it’s a fab pension plan if ever I can’t teach (heaven forbid!).

Do you have a motto or mission statement?

to make a difference in the world. And send out love. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Still teaching... but travelling the world, trying more of others classes... Uber fit and healthy. And with a semi retired lifestyle so I can explore and expand my knowledge. I will have developed a large income from our Forever business so I can do charity work and volunteer and help our team achieve their goals. 


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June 2020

I tried Pilates for the first time in 2001, and qualified in 2003. I’m also a Yoga teacher and I enjoy teaching so much. There is no pressure in my classes do get be able to all the poses as long as you to do your postures correctly. I believe we should all be kind to our body’s and mind and safety is so very important.and most of all make it fun!

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