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instructor of the month

Candice Sullivan

October 2019


I teach in Ripley, Surrey, at my home studio.   I love the classical method of Pilates and have studied with Mejo Wiggins in the States plus many times in the UK too.   I find the Gratz equipment so beneficial to myself and my clients and now own two reformers, two wall towers, a baby chair and wunda chair.  

Your teaching tips

Encourage people to move, stand and sit correctly.  One of the effects of pain is that it can make one fearful of movement , believing that a certain movement will damage the body.  Moving consistenly with a ridigly protected back will definitely not help with recovery.

Favourite Exercise and reason why?

My favourite exercise is elephant on the reformer.    Deliciously opens the back line of the body and as you feed the spine back along the carriage, the hamstrings can experience a wonderful stretch.

tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience in the industry

I am an avid walker and own two cute mini schnauzers.  I have climbed Mt Kinabalo and Mt Toubkal but mainily prefer long hikes to battling with the dreaded altitude.  Fresh air and nature are pure bliss to me.  At other times I can be found with my children.   A son who is 31 and lives in London and my daughter who is now in Los Angeles with her husband and new baby.   Yes, I am now a Grandmother !    Frequent visits to LA means I can tap into classical Pilates courses and private sessions.

Do you have a motto or mission statement?

Open your eyes and see the beauty!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

In 5 years time I will be at the other end of 50 and I hope to be carrying on exactly where I am now.   Running my home studio, travelling to far away places and learning about our awsome world in which we live, and enjoying each day as it comes.


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