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instructor of the month

Jacquie Robertson

August 2020


Prior to lockdown I was teaching at Gleneagles Hotel and to PT clients in my home studio.

I've now moved my entire teaching business online.

It has opened up new avenues to me which I'd never have imagined at the beginning of the year.

I've taught classes to clients in Wales, Yorkshire, Cornwall and Denmark and love the fact I can now teach anywhere in the world.

Your teaching tips

Be positive, smile, encourage your clients to grow and have empathy when they have setbacks.

Favourite Exercise and reason why?

The 100.

I love the 100 purely because of the layering and progression from single knee fold, to double knee fold to the 100 and beyond. It's my "go to" starting point with new clients.

tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience in the industry

My background and training is in Design and Marketing and I worked for 20 years in the design industry before deciding to take time out and consider my next career move. My love of health and fitness was the driving force for me to pivot and train to become a Pilates Teacher.

I love being able to help people recover from injury, get stronger and feel good about themselves. Passing on and sharing knowledge is my passion.

I still manage to unleash my creative side by designing websites and have niched out into the Health & Fitness sector - https://www.fiitmarketing.com/.

I'm currently studying on a Social Media Marketing Course and learning lots of useful information which I'll be using to develop not only my own online business but also for my web clients.

As a Baby Boomer I'm now at the other side of Menopause and I've created a website designed to help, support and give loads of advice for women who are going through it - https://managingmymenopause.com/ - and my first online course is up and running.

Lockdown was the impetus for driving me forward to moving my business online.

Do you have a motto or mission statement?

"Listen to your body"

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Having the freedom to live and work anywhere in the world.


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July 2020

20 year ago I became passionate about spreading the word of not just Pilates... but movement for our bodies and minds. And that has just flown. Mainly may based... but with creative use of yoga training, fitness background and nutritional knowledge... I hope to inspire and educate others to feel their best.

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June 2020

I tried Pilates for the first time in 2001, and qualified in 2003. I’m also a Yoga teacher and I enjoy teaching so much. There is no pressure in my classes do get be able to all the poses as long as you to do your postures correctly. I believe we should all be kind to our body’s and mind and safety is so very important.and most of all make it fun!

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