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Joy - Trieu Thien Huong

June 2019


I am teaching in Ho Chi Minh city which is the biggest city of Vietnam, located in the South, also known by its former name of Saigon.

Your teaching tips

Keep Myself Engaging is my teaching tip.

As a teacher, sometimes we might feel lack of energy, cannot be creative, feeling exhausted and easy to get bored with what we are doing while there is no one to mentor you. I used to be in this sittuation, lost my energy means loosing my students. I don't want it happen because I love teaching, I love to inspire, help and support people to heal themselve and getting stronger. Luckily Pilates helps me a lot in increasing my concentration, be more proactive and think positive, so that I know how to improve this feeling and love what I am doing day by day. 

Then how I can keep myself engaging in teaching, always full of energy for the class:

- teaching not more than 25 classes a week, and I have more time to talk to my students, sharing and connecting.

- spend time for practicing myself: find a better teacher more than me to practice Pilates, Yoga, Aerial, Lyra Hoop, Climbing, Contemporary Dance, Pole Dance, Calesthetic, Animal Flow, Floor work... all kind of movements and they give my teaching in different perspective.

- joining Pilates and Yoga or Anatomy workshop, reading Pilates Magazine/Website to more improve my knowledge, my coaching and touching skills.

That is how I refresh myself, learn from everyone cause I know I am not a perfect teacher, but I am trying to complete myself and happy with what I am doing. The harder I work, the more chances to come to my life.

Favourite Exercise and reason why?

My favourite exercise is the Snake on Mat and Reformer. This is one of the most challenging Pilates exercise, with the spinal articulation, shifting your body weight from your arms to feet, working on the shoulders, back and obliques, ask for more control from the core, balance and strength to have a beautiful and graceful movement.

tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience in the industry

4 years ago, feeling lost and with the growing feeling that an office job was not for me. Hence, I focused on broadening my horizons through travelling from the South to the North of Vietnam alone and meeting new people on the way, they inspired me and led me to meet my mission, my desire from the bottom heart that to become a... Warrior (:D please dont laugh). I always think I am a Warrior like a Valkyrie in Marvel :D, means I am strong, be able to protect people from injuries, support people to heal or relief the pain, show them the way to get stronger about mental and physical, inspire them to live a life with full happiness, full of Joy and connect everyone together. And that brought me to Pilates. 

In 2016, I regconized that Pilates was quite new in Vietnam, only Foreigner practices and no Vietnamese knows what is Pilates or misunderstand that is a branch of Yoga. Ok! So I obtained the International Pilates Teacher Certificate with the intention of spreading Pilates, spreading my passion across the country. 

And now every year, there has more and more Vietnamese practicioners care about Pilates because of getting Pilates's benefit quite fast. Even many Yoga teachers found out Pilates help them a lot in practicing advance poses in safety way, so they practice Pilates and wish to become Pilates teacher as well. I am so happy with that and now I have a team who is also Certified Pilates Teacher and can support me to spread real Pilates to everyone.

Do you have a motto or mission statement?

"Stop thinking about how much money you will earn, money never come to you. Keep think about how better you will become, how hard you can work, how much happy to receive a thanks from students when they feel no pain after your classes, then good chances will come to you."

-Joy- Trieu Thein Huong.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

My goal in the next 5 years will be certified all Apparatus, be able to apply to become a Master Pilates Trainer and have my own Pilates studio with full equipments. So that I can do Teacher training and grand International Certificate officially. Create a team of the best teachers in Vietnam. Host training and workshop with experienced and famous Master from around the world, so that Vietnam can be one of the best place to learn Pilates as well.


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