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instructor of the month

dalia karouta

September 2017


Your teaching tips

Always be prepared for class. 

Know your cues, update your music list and most importantly plan and know your lessons well.

Try the exercises you plan to teach, it's not enough to watch them and try to show them in class. It's important to know how the exercise feels before trying to explain it to the clients.

Moreover interact with the clients during class, ask them where they feel it the most, or which muscles are being targeted. Always give options and modifications.

Finally, emphasize the importance of stretching. So many clients take it for granted and they tend to skip it at the end of class. For me stretching is the most important exercise of all.

What I love a lot about Barreconcept is that stretching is not only done at the end of the session, it is also incorporated in the barre section during class.

 Finally you can ever stop learning. From time to time, besides my training, I attend classes at the gym with different instructors to learn and improve my physical and coaching ability. 





Favourite Exercise and reason why?

tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience in the industry

I was dancing ever since I was very young and during my studies at university I was involved in a lot of dance and fitness courses which led me to pursue a career in Dance fitness and then later on Pilates and most recently Barreconcept. 

I plan to continue my studies, and do the personal training instructors course this year. 

I am also a salsa dancer and a competitor. I have competed twice in the World Latin Dance Cup in Miami, Florida, in Salsa solo ladies division in Decmeber 2015 and 2016. 

Do you have a motto or mission statement?

Stay positive. Keep exercising.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?


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