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instructor of the month

Julie Driver

October 2018



My studio is in North London, United Kingdom

I teach 1-1, duets, small classes and workshops, I also have classes available online through Pilates Anytime and Monty Roberts online Equus university.


During the year I travel to present in other studios and at conferences worldwide.


Your teaching tips


·      Listen, Observe, be patient, be kind.  

·      Set your boundaries at the beginning of your working relationship. These are for the benefit for both you and your client.

·      E.G Class start and finish times are set in stone. Avoid running over if your client arrives late.

·      Have a strong cancellation policy and stick to it.

·      Never stop learning. Take regular 1-1s with another teacher, education and inspiration go hand in hand!



Favourite Exercise and reason why?


Teaser…no really!

Even when I was unable to walk I was still able to 'Teaser'...so it holds a special place in my heart!



tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience in the industry


I am a 40something mother of 6 year old twins with a passion for Pilates and horses.

I’ve been teaching and practising Pilates for over 20 years and there’s still so much to learn and so many amazing teachers to study with.


In 2008 I had a skiing accident which resulted in my being temporarily wheelchair bound.

After being told by surgeons that it would take me a year to walk again and I would have a permanent limp,  I was determined to prove them wrong.

 My husband moved my Reformer/tower into the spare bedroom next to ours and everyday I would use my walking frame to get to the apparatus and work.

Although I was unable to bear weight through my left leg for months I could still exercise with my knowledge of Pilates and the apparatus….I could still teaser!

 After 9 months of perseverance, hard work, tears and admittedly some bad language I was walking again, unaided and without a limp.


For 8 years I was part of a teacher training faculty and I loved seeing the students develop and hone their own skills and teaching abilities.

It is always an honour to help people and be part of their journey and I enjoy continuing that through my own classes and workshops.


In 2014 I made the career changing decision to enter the ‘Pilates Anytime’ next instructor competition.

The entry was filmed in my own small studio and I was both shocked and delighted when I won. Part of the prize was to write an article for Pilates Style magazine and  recording online classes for “Pilates anytime” at their stunning studio in Santa Barbara California.

This was a fantastic opportunity that helped pave the way for me to learn even more about Pilates and deepen my love and understanding of the work.


My other passion is for horses and I believe that Pilates is the perfect complimentary movement protocol to help riders improve their seat, balance and communication with their horse.

 I write and present workshops on Pilates for Equestrians as well as having recently written a series of articles for ‘Horse and Rider’ and Intelligent Horsemanship” magazine.

I hold the  ‘Certificate of Horsemanship” training with Monty Roberts ( “The Horse Whisperer”) and my ultimate dream is to work with horse and rider as a team.


I love teaching and I hope to continue sharing my work with the same passion and understanding that I have had from my past teachers and now receive from my current mentors and peers.




Do you have a motto or mission statement?


Pilates is a community and we should continue to build it both at home and globally.



Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?



Living in the countryside, horses at the bottom of the garden…children able to walk to school safely and a beautiful fully equipped Pilates studio where I can teach and host workshops.






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