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instructor of the month

Laura Kelley

July 2021


I am currently teaching one on ones and duets from my home studio in Florida. 

Your teaching tips

Not to focus on how fast or the number of repetitions you can do. Quality over quantity. Correct form and less reps is more important than fast and sloppy.  Less is more. Don't be too scared to try a move and don't give up easily. It will come with consistancy and perseverance. Have fun without taking yourself too seriously. Being slower and more precise, listening to your body, your cues from your instructor and breathing is very important to feel where your body is at. Sometimes a move will feel different on another day, and that's OK. 

Favourite Exercise and reason why?

I love the Roll Up and Neck Pull. I love how my core feels. I especially love teaching the roll up. It's a amazing move to see clients achieve. 

tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience in the industry

At 53, I am what I consider new to excercise. I didn't actually workout until I was 42! Barre was my first type of exercise and then I became a barre teacher which lead to Pilates. I did it the other way around. I know a lot of people start with Pilates and then add barre on. I have taught at Pilates studios in Houston and Dallas, Texas and from in-home studios for the past 7 years. My background is banking and real estate so this is something completely different but I gain more out of it because I love helping others and for them to get excited when they see and feel results. Pilates is something you are always learning. I enjoy helping those around my age and older that are entering the peri menopause, menopause and pospt menopause seasons of their lives to reassure them that it isn't all that bad and we can change the way we feel. As we age we may need to tweak nutriton and exericse to fit us best for that time but I want women to know that they can still be strong and looked toned and never give up. Doing this now will help you age with more mobility and flexibility so that you don't have to give up the fun things you love doing in life. I do eventually want to add yoga into my teaching practice as for me it has been so good for my mind, destressing and making me concentrate more. That is my next goal. 

Do you have a motto or mission statement?

Never stop moving and being inquisitive. Keep exploring and your body will stay young and flexible.... and happy 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Still helping others stay strong from teaching out of my home. I hope to add yoga into my teaching practice and not just do it for myself but gain the knowledge to pass on to others so they can reap the benefits too. To never stop learning....


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July 2021

I first tried Pilates in 2013 shortly after starting teaching barre at a Pilates studio in Texas. I became certified in 2015 in Texas and shortly after that moved to Florida. My goal is to make exercise fun and not a chore. I enjoy helping people make the best of themselves knowing they are doing something amazing for their bodies. Most of my clients are 50+ so my emphasis is keeping the body strong as we head into menopause. I am big on keeping osteoporosis away and keeping the body supple, flexible and strong.

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June 2021

I have been teaching Studio Pilates for 15 years in Farnham Surrey. I got into Pilates from a dancing background, when I was at dance school you were only allowed to use the reformers as part of rehabilitation after an injury - how Pilates has changed! The best part of my job is meeting people and hearing them say how much better they feel after a session of Pilates!

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